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All That Jazz

Just Stuff 2 Fill Space

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Interesting comments along the way...

"You guys should sell that paint scheme to Ford". (PEI)

"Did you guys paint The Beast yourselves" (PEI)
(I love how people refer to our van as The Beast too!)

"Hey! Its the Partridge family!!" (NS)
(Some guy yelled this out the window of his own mini-van packed full of kids)

"WOOHOO! Gay Pride Rules!"(NS)
(Some puck-ass kid who has know idea!)

"It's a coat of many colors me girl" (Nfld)

"C'est une van de Barbie" (Qc)
(A little girl in a Walmart parking lot.)

"Ton Van ca Squeege pas. Vientant!" (Qc)
(Some little kid at a fund-raiser car-wash)

"Ca, c'est t'une van tripante!" (Qc)
(My personal favourite!)

"Your van makes quite the statement ."(Nfld)
(We are yet to ask exactly what statement the van makes.)

"Peace man!" (everywhere)
(Usually the 50 year old couples we meet camping.)

A List of The Beast's Passengers:

* Audre (Rimouski)

* Sylvia (Bathurst)

* Old actor man (Maggies)

* Tim (McKees Mills)

* Lyndsay (Truro)

* Magen (Halifax)

* Nat (Halifax)

* Nick (Dartmouth)

* Clayton's Dad (Little Bras D'Or)

* Frank (Saint John's)

* Trina (Saint John's)

* Ford dealership manager (Gander)

* 2 ferry workers (Blanc Sablon and Natashquan)

* Tyson (Montreal)

* Todd (Ottawa)

* Allain (Tescamigne)

* Kenneth (Toronto)

* Kathi (Toronto)

* Felix (Sault Ste. Marie) on his way to a "Rainbow Gathering" in BC.
*Jeff & Michelle (Winnipeg)

*** Some guy did get arrested while asking us for a ride in a Shoppers DrugMart parking lot! (Maggies)

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost (1874 - 1963), The Road Not Taken