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Cross Canada Tour

An Ode To Our Van...

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Before the opening ceremonies, however, we detoured to the Gaspesian town of Rimouski, where a friend of Sara's cousin (Audrey) had volunteered to paint our van. So, as we littered her lawn with our belongings, she and her friends created a funky and artistic automotive masterpiece that we now affectionately call "The Beast".

The first few strokes...

and the finished product!
Ain't she a beaut??!!

In Rimouski, Sara's aunt provided us with a home-base treating us to some local German sausages and a piano sing-along. We even magaed to sew together some very rough curtains for the van's windows.
After two days of organizing, planning, and painting, we followed the last of the Gaspesian Coast to our first province of destination!

It all started with our friends from SMU, Kenneth and Sabrina. They constantly called eachother "Beasts". It was a word we all used freely and humoursly.
In Kuujjuaq, Sara drove nearly every vehicle the hospital owned, including a massive maintenance van (think A-Team van but bigger!), and because it was so big and impossible to drive we called it the "beast", even going as far as scribbling this name in the dirt of its back doors.
Back at home, after test-driving our newly purchased van, we discovered that it too was difficult to drive and just one beast of a vehicle....and so we called it "the beast", and after it was painted in all its glory, we kept the name and it has now become third party to this trip!