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Cross Canada Tour

Prince Edward Island/Ile du Prince Edouard

 The smallest in size, PEI does not disappoint with its scenic contribution.  Its country sides offer slow windy roads along bright red potato fields and through villages of neat little gardens and wooden houses.  It has an old-country feel that even Anne of Green Gables herself would be proud of.

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  Up with the garbage trucks, we drove to Charlottetown for another round of Dollarama shopping and last minute details.
Our next camping rendezvous was with PEI National Park-a scenic stretch of beach and forest on the northern shore of the islands.
We impressed ourselves with a delicious BBQ’d fish and had a lot more luck pitching the tent. Before zipping up we cruised around Cavendish snapping pictures of the local knick-knacks.  We caugt a glimpse of a giant lobster running amok on a mini putt course and later, at Rainbow Valley, we jumped the ever impressive rope and flag (this was how they kept the riff raff out) just to stare in wonder at how a giant fiddle got on the lawn.
And while turning in a field we found ourselves surrounded by strange wild rabbits, likely tamed by tourist handouts and freakishly curious about our van.  PEI-you sure do have some odd wildlife!  I think we even spotted Anne streaking through our campsite.
We awoke to rain and the sound of our tent being blown away in the wind.  Packing went a little slower than usual but with little more than toast and a cup of Timmy’s (for those of you who don’t know, Tim Horton’s is one of the most popular and cheapest of coffee shops in Eastern Canada) we were on our way to Souris to catch the ferry to the Magdalen Islands.

Apon Return from the Maggies...
Back among the potato fields of PEI we made tracks for Morell, Kenneth’s hometown, to visit his parents.  They were so happy to see us that they insisted we raid their cellar for jam and had us take pictures with the family in front of our van.
They sent us on our way to see Mary Beth (a friend from SMU) who lived “just down the lane.”  A quick hug and chat and we were back on the road headed for New Brunswick and a reunion of VERNS.


PEI-it's the best "Welcome" shot we could get!

We parked in the lot behind the info center (located to your right, just as you cross the bridge).  As we organized our sleeping paraphernalia in the back of the van, Sara declared her need to “go” and spent the next 10 minutes, and every other time nature called that night, looking for an unexposed area in our square of black tar.

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