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Cross Canada Tour

Nova Scotia/Nouvelle Ecosse

You’re never more than 56 km from the Sea in this province, a fact that greatly influences its landscape and culture.  This is typical Maritime scenery; rolling farm land, picturesque harbor towns, an urban center with an East Coast feel, and even the rugged mountains at the tip of Cape Breton-a diverse and stunning province.

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   Before Halifax, we detoured to Truro to visit with Lyndsay, another high school friend who is now studying education in Moncton.
Before announcing our arrival into Hali, we took care of some errands and then went immediately to see our good friend Natalie at work. She was bored so we entertained her with stories of Kuujjuaq and our heroic battle with the harsh Northern elements (mostly free drinks from Fred, poopey diapers and high food prices). After Nat closed up shop, Sara and I tracked down Magen who was excellently prepared for our visit and in return enjoyed the thrill of cruising downtown in The Beast! Later, Clare and Livvy  (SMU alumni, past roomates and fellow Walmart celebrities) came upstairs to join our "welcome fest".
We spent most of our visit in the Halifax Haze. We did however, manage a few key social activities.
We met up with Nat and her bf Josh for SUSHI!!! and for a piece of Le Cave's infamous cheesecake!
To celebrate Sainte Jean Baptiste we did laundry and we spent another day dragging our heels. Sara did manage some frsh air with Magen as they drove to Dartmouth to pick up Mag's bf Nick. After showers, we squuezed in a quick walk to Spring Garden before meeting friends at the Economy Shoe Shop for nachos and drinks (cheers to Nat, Clare, Kyla, & Jenn!). Then it was off to Split Crow for the $1 beer happy hour and some great East Coast music. Magen and Clayton showed up after work and after fighting the Keiths Draft nausea, we all wandered a little further to an Irish pub called Poque Fido (spelling ??). We sat in a boat, stomped our feet and I offically called it a night! (Sara somehow managed the Marquee, to check out the newest djs).

   Leaving Halifax, we were off to tour the southern region of Nova Scotia. A very gusty Peggy's Cove was our first stop, continuing into the quaint towns of Mahone Bay and Lunnenburg. Needing a bathroom break, we wandered into an amzing little community known as Bridgetown-its narrow streets were lined with old Victorian houses, the beautiful artitecture matched only by the stunning coastal landscape.
(By the way, is anyone from Milford? We both agree the name sounds familiar, we jut can't put a face to the town!)
We drove through the middle of the province, along bumpy, windy, 2nd-rate roads and eventually to Kejimikujik National Park. It is beautifully surrounded by forests and lakes. It is so post-card peaceful that you have no choice but to consciously acknowledge your debt to nature.
On Saturday we drove all the way to Cape Breton on 8 hours of curved road! We slept at a campgrounds in Baddeck.
On June 27 we hit the Cabot Trail! Unfortuantely the first half of our drive was plagued with fog, so we weren't able to see much more than the edge of the cliff we drove along. We did find a little side attraction to humor us. Owners of a local canteen had put their creative imagination to work and filled a field with scarecrows of any description. They wore masks, pie plates, name tags, old clothes, and were hilariously assembled in a  giant cirle for maximum viewing pleasure!
At the Cape Breton Highlands National Park we decided to pitch our tent on a jutting peice of cliff, over-loooking the ocean. Although it was raining we were content and drove into town looking for supper. As fate had it, we stopped at an information centre for maps and were told that it was Sunday, not Saturday and that our ferry for Newfoundland was leaving tomorrow!! Blushing from stupidity, we rushed back to our ten, broke the disassembling record and pointed The beast uphill to complete the Trail and that day's adventure.
As we approached the other half of the Trail, the fog lifted and we happily enjoyed some of the best scenery I have ever had the opportunity to film! It was spectacular!
After a few more random pit-stops, we made it to Clayton's (a friend from SMU)parent's house in Little Bras D'Or. We dried out our camping gear while Clayton's Dad fixed our washer fluid tank and his brother Steven downloaded our digital pics onto cd. THANK-YOU FRASERS!! We also had a late-night visit with Jeff-awesome drum set buddy!!
Off to bed for a few hours of sleep beacuse tomorrow we headed for THE ROCK!

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Cabot Trail shot!